Minecraft Server Rules

Rules are subject to change. If there are changes, it will be announced.

Tier 1 Offences

Warning → 30 minute mute → 1 hour mute → 4 hour mute → 1 day mute → 7 day mute → Permanant mute

  1. Spamming: This includes similar message spam, unique message spam, character spam, command spam, and using capital letters. You’ll only be punished if we feel you are being disruptive.
  2. English only in chat: If you wish to speak in another language, please do so in a private chat.
  3. Cursing: Cursing in general is not against server rules, but cursing towards a person will grant you a punishment if staff feels it is necessary.

Tier 2 Offences

1 Hour mute → 6 hour mute → 1 day mute → 3 day mute → 7 day mute → Permanent mute

  1. Inappropriate chat: The server chat will not be super strict, but please keep in mind that there can potentially be children on the server, and use common sense overall. With that in mind, no slurs or inappropriate content in chat.

Tier 3 Offences

1 day ban→ 3 day ban → 7 day ban → Permanent ban

  1. Harassment: Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  2. Inappropriate display: Inappropriate skins, capes, and builds all fall in this category.
  3. Server disrespect: Being disrespectful towards the server or staff team.
  4. Disrespect/discrimination: Being rude based on race, ethnicity, sex, etc.
  5. Player trapping: No enabling PVP in a NO PVP zone without the other player’s knowledge. No tp traps. No portal traps.
  6. Nether roof: The nether roof is off limits.

Tier 4 Offences

7 day ban → 14 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban

  1. No bug abuse/glitches: Using bugs, server exploitation, lag machines, or anything else malicious.
  2. Encouraging harm: Encouraging players put themselves or others in a dangerous situation.
  3. Griefing: No destroying someone else’s builds inside and outside of town limits. If a build is outside of a town, looting is permitted, but broken blocks must be replaced.
  4. Mute evasion: Using alt-accounts to evade a mute.

Tier 5 Offences

30 day ban → Permanent ban

  1. Cheating: This includes but is not limited to, hacked clients, and mods that give an unfair advantage. If you’re unsure about a mod, ask first, and wait for approval before using it.
  2. Alt-accounts: Using alts to gain an unfair advantage is strictly against the rules.
  3. Ban evasion: Using alt-accounts to evade a ban.

Tier 6 Offences

Permanent ban

  1. IRL threats, DDoSing threats, or doxxing threats
  2. Leaking personal information
  3. Advertising: Do not advertise discord servers or other Minecraft servers.
  4. IRL scamming: Scams involving IRL money prohibited. If you get scammed, you must provide proof for action to be taken. For scams not involving IRL currency, there is a plugin for trading. The command is “/trade ". If you get scammed and lose items because you did not take advantage of the plugin, we cannot help you.

Discord Server Rules

  1. No voice changers in voice chat
  2. No earrape or anything similar
  3. No explicit photos: This includes but is not limited to pornographic content ,gore, and pretty much anything NSFW (yes, I’m talking to you, dude with the Supra pictures).
  4. No IRL threats, ddosing threats, or doxxing threats
  5. No leaking personal information
  6. Respect staff
  7. No discrimination
  8. No spamming
  9. No Advertisements: Do not advertise discord servers or other Minecraft servers.
  10. English only in chat: If you need to speak another language, keep it in DMs.
  11. If you have issues, open a ticket: Do not beg staff to view your ticket. We will get to it when we can.